The Fine Art of Japanese Joinery
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30 Years ago, Hironobu Furihata brought his vision of preserving Japan's architectural history to reality by mastering the joinery skills essential to the proper restoration of traditional Japanese homes (minka).

A nationally renowned architect and expert in old-world Japanese building techniques, he became the first of a new generation to rekindle the spirit and appreciation for the finely constructed houses of Japan's past.

Yamakyo's history dates back to 1921 when Hironobu's grandfather, Shojiro Furihata began milling lumber in Japan's mountainous region of Nagano. His son, Kinai took Yamakyo to the next level, taking the raw lumber to build traditional minka for the surrounding Nagano communities. There he refined his skills as a carpenter whose attention to detail and craftsmanship were of the highest priority. Passed down from generation to generation, the Furihata family continues to carry on these traditions though the preservation and restoration of fine Minka homes built throughout the last two and a half centuries as well as constructing new homes in the traditional style.

Yamakyo's restoration team has caringly overseen the complete rejuvination of over 90 historic homes across Japan.

Their architectural acheivements have garnered international acclaim & awards. This year, the Museum de Chailles in Paris has invited then to build a full-scale minka within the museum's interior.

They invite you to explore the possibilities of bringing Japan's rich architectural history into your own life whether you are dreaming of having an open-air garden (nakaniwa) in the center of your home or the construction of a complete Japanese-style minka overlooking the ocean. They can design what you dream, they can build it to perfection or you can have them build from your own creative ideas.

A home built with pride and superior craftsmanship is one that can truly be enjoyed and cherrished as a family homestead for decades. Yamakyo builds this spirit into every minka.

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